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The best 10 Travel Tips that Everyone Should Know

Every trip is an adventure and every journey leaves a mark. For this reason, we decided to gather the best 10 travel tips in this article that any good traveler or aspirant must always bear in mind.

1. Make a list

Make a list

Having a list of things to take on a trip is definitely not going to make you forget anything. Create a list of how you will organize the days during the trip as well. It is definitely interesting to get lost, of course, and it helps you explore places that have never been thought of before… but it can also be more productive to have a list of things to visit and do during the day.

2. Pack less things

Pack less things

Do not pack so many clothes that you already know you’re not going to use. Be selective and choose the one that during the trip will really serve you. The less you bring, the lighter we will get. You don’t need it if you’re not sure about packing anything. The most beautiful items can always be purchased in your destination country.

3. Don’t forget your travel insurance

travel insurance

Everyone assumes they’re not going to get sick, or they can’t get any illnesses or diseases. You do not want to be negative or cynical, of course, but getting a good sense when travelling is the minimum during the journey to be safe and quiet.

4. Get vaccinated

Get vaccinated

It’s not funny at all to fall victim to a disease in a foreign country. It’s always safer to be vigilant and not chance those incidents that we will then repent. Whenever you plan to take a trip to a country you’ve never been to, consult your town’s infectious disease centre.

5. First aid kit

First aid kit

On each journey, it is right to safeguard your health and prepare a small first aid kit with aspirin, fever and cold medications, cough tablets, bandages, and other items that we may not always have easy access to while travelling.

6. Be comfortable


It always depends on the trip you are going to make, but in most cases, you know that you can admire many more landmarks, attractions and places with comfortable clothing, particularly shoes.

7. Wake up early

Wake up early

Sleeping has always been one of most people’s pleasures, but not for everyone. Particularly on vacation, it would be better to wake up early and try not to waste time when the time at our disposal is minimal. Since time is money, and the only thing that’s not coming back is money.
For this reason, we can better plan our days to get up early, enrich them with more trips to the monuments, or take photos with the first light of the morning, or simply stop endless tourist queues near the attractions.

8. Talk with the locals

Talk with the locals

Do not be afraid of not knowing yourself or thinking that your simple English is not adequate. Just once do you live, and we must not be afraid to make mistakes. With local people, discussions begin.
Combining hand gestures and body language, strive to make yourself heard. You will find yourself more and more at ease and less insecure when you follow these travel tips. Learn from people in that specific country who work in it.

9. Eat local food

Eat local food

Without trying local foods, you can’t go to another country or even better, another continent. To completely ruin your feelings, you have to venture into their culture, empathize and be an integral part of that person.
Eat food on the street! You sacrifice tradition when you miss street food. Do not be scared. You always have time to consume your country’s food, but don’t be left with the remorse of missing the chance to eat local food.

10. Learn to bargain

Learn to bargain

Bargaining is a friendly and playful way to avoid paying the price of a foreigner. It’s the art of negotiation and it’s the one that’s going to help you, not just on holiday, in your life.
To fly for free, use points and miles. In the planet, you can go far further because you don’t have to pay for it. Make sure you earn miles for anything you do.

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