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7 Things that will save your life in an emergency

People may assume that nothing bad is ever going to happen to them, even after hearing many warning messages. This leaves us vulnerable in risky circumstances and unprepared. No, emergencies don’t happen all that much, but we still need to learn how to adapt, so we have a fair chance of survival.
Here are many tips that could help you to stay safe and healthy in case of an emergency.

1. How to survive a car hanging off a cliff

car hanging off a cliff

1- If the car is already rolling off the edge, don’t make any rapid movements. It’s easier to take a deep breath and arrange your escape.
2- To keep the car balanced, drive slowly. You need to escape from opposite sides if there are several people in the vehicle.
3- When you come to a stop with your foot on the brake pedal, hold your foot on the brakes. Your brakes may be the only thing stopping the car from rolling down at this time.

car hanging off a cliff 2

4- Exit from the back portion of the car if the front of the vehicle is hanging down. Let the back of your seat recline slowly. Locate the equilibrium. Now you crawl slowly to get to the back seat. Get the back door open and run.
5- Open all the windows of the car so that you have more doors, so that everyone can flee at the same time. Unlock all the gates.
6- Wait until at least one adult passenger is out of the vehicle and pass a child over to them if you have any babies or young children in the car.

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