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6 Different Types of Travel – Which one do you prefer?


Many people tell us that they’d love to travel like we do, but their lifestyle just doesn’t fit in. We accept that our long-term travel style won’t work for everyone. We also assume, however, that there are so many different kinds of journeys out there that you are bound to find one that works for you.

Since they each have their own benefits and drawbacks, none of these forms of travel is good or poor. You will probably find that in your lifespan, you will end up enjoying many different forms of travel.
Here are 6 examples of styles for travel:

1. The Package Holiday


That all the work is done for you is the elegance of a package holiday. You simply choose which beautiful beach you would like to lounge on and your travel agent will make sure everything is planned so that whether to order a Pina Colada or a Margarita from your sun lounger is your toughest choice.
While hardcore backpackers often look down on the package holiday, there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your hard-earned two-week vacation on a sunny beach partying with friends and family.
This is not one of the kinds of trips where you get to know the locals or learn a lot about another culture.
It’s all about spending a week or two in paradise having the time of your life!

2. The Weekend Break

The Weekend Break

So you enjoy touring, but you love your 9-5 work as well and you don’t want to give it all up for 6 months of flying around the world? Don’t worry, by taking quick weekend getaways, you can still drive. Look for cheap airfare deals, fly out and return on Sunday on Friday evening and make the most of the limited time you have.
Justin from 48 Hour Adventure is the ultimate authority on this. He is an Australian who lives and works in IT in London and he spends his weekends jetting off to various destinations around Europe.
Check out his awesome blog for guides to lots of different cities for 48 hours.

3. The Caravan/RV Road Trip

The Caravan

Buckle your seat-belt, put on some fantastic tunes for a road trip and hit the open road!
You will still have the option of a cheap holiday when you own a caravan and you can pack up and drive somewhere new anytime you have a free weekend.
This is a perfect way to discover the natural beauty near home and is also one of the most child-friendly ways of travel.

4. The Group Tour

The Group Tour

Busloads of 20-year-olds who want to drink and party to 80-year-old groups who want to visit historical landmarks and anything in between can be represented by group tours. There is a community tour out there for you no matter what your passion is from art history to ghosts to cheese-making to fishing. Typically, your itinerary is full of several different things, so you’ll never be bored.
The benefit of a group tour is that with a lot of individuals who share your interests, you will be immediately thrown into the mix and you will hopefully make some new friends. Some individuals, however just can’t bear the idea of getting all their plans laid out for them and prefer the ability to move independently.

5. Long Term Slow Travel

Long Term Slow Travel

This explains the travel style that Lee and I do most of the time. Long-term slow travel is when it takes several months or years for you to make your way across the globe, staying long enough in each place to really soak up the culture.
Long-term travelers are mostly budget backpackers, seeking to stretch their travel funds by living in hostels and searching for inexpensive food and attractions for as long as possible. Long-term travel also becomes more of a lifestyle option, rather than other short-term forms of travel.
These kinds of travel experiences are often financed by investments, or long-term travel may sometimes be funded by working on the road.

6. Volunteer Travel


Volunteering around the world is another common way of travel, whether you are helping to build a school in Africa, volunteering on an organic farm in Italy or working in an orphanage in Cambodia.
Although volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience, knowing that your efforts are really adding value to the community you are visiting is crucial. For a more in-depth perspective on this, read this informative article on “Voluntourism” by one of our guest authors.

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